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C4 IRS installation kits for Tri-5 Chevys

As with our other C4 conversion products, CLASSIC EDGE Designs offers two levels of rear installation kits.  Our design allows you to use the stock C4 Corvette rear swaybar or an aftermarket swaybar, and you can choose to use the stock C4 composite rear spring or coilover shocks.  Shock mounts are set up to allow the use of either standard shocks or coilover shocks.  A "dropped" rear toe adjuster is required to clear the frame and allow full suspension travel and is not included.  It is available from other sources or could be assembled from parts by the owner.

BASIC Rear Installation Kit

The "BASIC" rear installation kit provides the basic parts to enable you to mount your rear suspension into the frame, less swaybar.  This is an inexpensive kit that is ideal for the builder who wants to customize his installation or just do some of his own fabrication work to save money.  It includes a welded, stepped 2x2" shock crossmember, dogbone (C4 4-link) tubes, dogbone retainer plates, and batwing brackets and gussets.  Once these parts are installed using our instructions, you can bolt the C4 suspension into your frame and complete the rest of the fab work.

Basic IRS installation kit - $425 plus shipping

FULL Rear Installation Kit

The "FULL" rear installation kit includes the parts in the basic kit, except the shock crossmember has upper shock mount holes drilled, and bushings and nuts welded on. It also includes a pair of axle bumper brackets, swaybar mount brackets, lower shock mounts, and a pinion support bracket kit with urethane bushings. No bolts or other hardware are includedRear bolt kits are available for additional cost. Rear suspensions are available for $950 for early or late Dana 36, or $1950 for an early Dana 44 and $2050 for a late Dana 44. A late Dana 44 in an early suspension is $2150.

FULL IRS installation kit - $725 plus shipping