This is the chassis for my own 56 Nomad, which is the first one I designed and built. It features late C4 front and rear suspension, Dana 44 rear.  The frame is narrowed to accept up to 345 tires and it has a custom transmission crossmember and torque arm.  Engine is an upgraded GM Ramjet 502 with a Viper T56 6-speed transmission.The fuel tank is custom built from stainless with a custom pump unit using a 255 LPH Walbro pump.  Exhaust is 3 1/2" and 3" stainless with 3 1/2" DMH electric cutouts.

This standard full conversion frame is also a seamless one, using a late k-member, and SBC engine mounts

To the left is a fairly standard full conversion frame for a '57 Chevy, using a late C4 k-member in a seamless Tri-5 frame, LS engine mounts, and a CED custom transmission crossmember.


FOrt Collins, Colorado

The two pictures to the right show a conversion frame as built by CED, using a seamless frame, late k-member, BBC engine mounts, and an optional AME center section kit.  The lower picture is of the same frame after assembly by the owner with a Ramjet 502, coilover shocks, and stainless plumbing and exhaust.

Another very customized frame we built using a seamless frame, early C4 k-member with 3.5" front suspension drop, new narrowed and raised rear frame rails using a Viper batwing on a C4 Dana 44, and with an AME-type custom center section and custom driveshaft hoop.

This conversion frame is a bit more custom.  It's again a seamless frame using a late k-member, LS engine mounts, and an optional AME center section kit with a custom CED transmission mount.

This very customized seamless conversion frame features new narrowed rear frame rails (for a narrowed IRS), a late C4 k-member, BBC engine mounts, and an AME center section kit.

The frame to the left is an original 55 convertible frame modified with an early C4 k-member and a 2" suspension drop.  Note the notches in the top of the frame rails required for the early suspension and  2" drop.  It has SBC engine mounts and a Dana 36 rear.