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C4 Front CLIPS

Installation kits for installing a C4 Corvette IRS to your own Tri-5 Chevy frame

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Front clips to help you install a C4 Corvette front suspension on your own Tri-5 Chevy frame. 



C4 Rear KITS


FOrt Collins, Colorado

Other innovative products to upgrade your Tri-5 Chevy or other classic Chevy.  Design and Engineering services available


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C4 Conversion


We provide the home hobbyist and professional restoration shops with affordable, professionally engineered products to upgrade your classic Chevy to provide exceptional handling, great looks and a modern feel.  We use CNC laser and forming services as well as CAD, TIG, MIG and other modern technologies to design and manufacture our products.  Quality and safety of your ride are our utmost concerns, as well as offering affordable performance solutions and ongoing support during the construction of your car.  We would be interested in discussing custom designs for your vehicle.

C4 Corvette suspension conversions for Tri-5 Chevys