FOrt Collins, Colorado


We have never intended to compete in the new frame/chassis market.  There are many options available in that space, and the market is full of $10,000-15,000+  frame/chassis choices for the builder.  By utilizing a solid, original frame, we are able to keep costs down and provide a high performance, quality product to our customers.  Our goal is to make a high performance chassis affordable to anyone who wants one, even the home builder who thought he couldn't afford a performance chassis. 

WHO are we?

Chevynut, aka Laszlo Nobi, is a long time resident of Northern Colorado.  He has been interested in classic and muscle cars since the late 60's.  He began his career as an aircraft mechanic where he learned many useful fabrication skills.  A lot of what he learned over the years was from trying new things, and much of what he learned was self-taught.  After a few years in the aircraft industry, working in general aviation as well as for the Boeing Company, he returned to college where he studied to become a Mechanical Engineer, graduating with a BSME in 1983 from Colorado State University with honors.   After a 35-year engineering career working for a large computer company in Research and Development, Manufacturing, as well as in Engineering Management, he accepted an early retirement offer in 2012. 

Jeremy, Laszlo's eldest son, learned welding and fabrication when working for a local heating and air conditioning company.  He mastered TIG and MIG welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Jeremy is responsible for the great TIG welding that you see on most of our products.  Jeremy works full-time as a lineman for a local city utility department. 

Laszlo originally designed his C4 suspension conversion only to build his own car, a 1956 Chevy Nomad, several years ago.  Pictures of his Nomad project are available HEREAfter seeing his online pictures other Tri5 Chevy enthusiasts became interested and asked if he would build a frame for them.  Since he had designed a jig to build his own frame he decided to use it to build others and hopefully pay back the cost of building it.  Upon his early retirement in, Laszlo decided to turn his hobby into a part-time small business to keep occupied and doing what he enjoys doing.   Thus, CLASSIC EDGE Designs, was officially launched in early 2013.

Over the years Laszlo and  Jeremy  have built many frames, front clips, and rear kits for customers all over the country and even in Canada and New Zealand.  

Why Choose US?

At CLASSIC EDGE Designs, we are committed to offering the most cost-effective designs, the highest quality and excellent customer support.  We strive to answer all of your questions before the sale, to minimize any future "surprises" and hopefully prevent buyer's remorse.  We believe we are fair and reasonable to deal with in terms of flexibility and options.  We provide ongoing support to help you complete the assembly of your prized classic.  We believe we offer more flexibility and options than anyone else in the market offers, and you can do as much or as little as you want on your frame.  You can supply your own suspensions and/or frame, or we can provide them for you.  We also have a frame swap program where we will build a frame and buy yours on a core basis.

Our past customers have had nothing but good things to say about our products and service, both publicly and privately, and references are available.

Some customer comments:

    "My car drives like it's on rails!"

    "Our 57 drives better than the Corvette the parts came from"

    "It drives like a slot car"

    "your clip fit like a glove"

    "This is the most fun car I have ever driven"

    "By doing this myself, I was able to purchase my engine and tranny with the money I saved"

    "customer service, level of knowledge, and quality of product are outstanding"